Werken bij Pro Parents

Het verschil maken voor werkende ouders, dat doe je samen.

Wij maken ons hard voor inclusiviteit en diversiteit. Bij onze klanten én binnen ons team. Kom jij Pro Parents versterken? We leren je graag kennen.

Senior Back-end Developer (Python, Django) at Pro Parents

(Health Tech – 70K-90K – Netherlands,Remote first – Dutch required)

Join our e-health startup as our first Senior Backend Engineer to help improve the lives of working parents.

Who we are

We are Pro Parents. Our mission is to create a future where employers actively support their employees throughout parenthood. Addressing this pressing issue is crucial, as burnout rates among parents have reached alarming levels, leading many to change jobs or cease working entirely after the birth of a child. Simultaneously, employers grapple with achieving their diversity and inclusiveness goals. We recognize the potential for change here, which is why we’re dedicated to developing a solution that equips working parents with the robust support system they rightfully deserve. Armed with empathy, personalized health-tech, and evidence-based methods, we set the tone for inclusive employment. Leading companies like BDO and bol.com are already fans of Pro Parents. You’ll be working at a start-up with the ambition, knowledge, and resources to put the pedal to the metal. 

What we are building 

We build an app for (expecting) parents and a dashboard for their managers and HR. In the app we provide parents with evidence-based information tailored to their specific situation, written by our own team of experts. They can also chat 24/7 with us to get in touch with certified specialists. The dashboard supports their manager, so they know exactly when, for example, conversations about leave need to be scheduled. And this is just the beginning, we have many more great features on our roadmap! 

Developer Experience 

We are a small team on a big mission. We simply don’t have the time and patience to work with bad tools. That is why we value a good Developer Experience. This includes the right hardware, a good place to work, great tooling and all the right automations. 

We value great communication and teamwork, but we also know that writing good code requires uninterrupted stretches of time. We are mindful of how we communicate and keep our meetings limited. 

Work life balance 

Yes, we are a venture funded startup with a limited runway. In order to be successful, we will have to deliver (pun intended). But we also strongly believe that we do our best work when we have a healthy balance between our work and private life. If anything, that’s exactly what we are all about. Expect a combination of hard work shipping code and taking care of ourselves to recharge. To facilitate that we offer the option to work part time and combine this job with your other life priorities. Oh, and unlimited paid time-off. 

Remote first 

We are building a remote first company. We currently have team members all over the Netherlands. We are optimizing everything we do for remote work. We do have an office in Amsterdam where you are very welcome, but we make sure there is a level playing field regardless of where you are working from. 

At least once every month the tech team meets in person at a custom location to work in person. Once every 4-6 weeks the whole company meets in person on a team day, enjoying each other’s company and keeping our team spirit alive and kicking. This is your opportunity to swap stories with a midwife or to have a drink with a lactation consultant. This is where we celebrate working together with super diverse backgrounds on our common mission. 


We are building a new tech team from the ground up! The team is led by Ewoud, our Head of Tech. You will be joining next as our first Senior Backend Engineer. Additionally, we are hiring two more senior engineers to help us with mobile and frontend. You will also be working a lot with Tetske, our Head of Product. For UX and UI we have professional help from design agency HeavyWeight.

The rest of our company consists of a very diverse set of people. We celebrate a happy mix of pelvic floor physiotherapists, product managers, lactation consultants, financial specialists, midwives, developmental psychologists, occupational physicians and to top it off we are led by a founder specialized in organizational anthropology. All of them are absolute experts in their specific field! 

Tech Stack 

Our current tech stack has been built by Peakfijn, a team of highly experienced startup engineers. They have worked for the past 18 months to ensure we hit the ground running. We will be taking over from them in the upcoming months. 

We have a backend written in Python with Django. We use Django REST framework to serve multiple frontends: a TypeScript / React Native app for parents, a TypeScript / React dashboard for managers and another one for HR. For our content team we use Wagtail as a headless CMS. We host it all at Digital Ocean.

Anything we are missing? Feel free to bring your opinions.

You bring

Senior Backend experience 

You bring experience. You have already made most mistakes and have been down a few rabbit holes. You can deliver complicated tasks from start to finish. You help your teammates grow as well. You have some opinions. 

Must have: Python and Django experience. 

Normally we aren’t very fussy about what languages or frameworks you have experience with. We know that experienced engineers can write great code in many languages. But here is the problem: we already hired a Head of Tech who has near-zero experience with Python and Django. Frankly, we are in dire need of at least one responsible adult in the room ;).  

Dutch language skills 

We need to talk about this: we are currently all Dutchies. Whilst we are planning an international expansion soon, for now it would be unfair to hire you if you couldn’t fully participate in the conversation and our social events. Unless you are working hard on your Dutch language skills and want to really immerse yourself, this role is going to be challenging for you if you aren’t conversational in Dutch.  

We offer

  • Your chance to improve on the lives of working parents
  • A fun environment in a fast-growing tech startup
  • A salary between 70K – 90K a year
  • Unlimited paid time off
  • The option to work part time
  • Participation in the Employee Stock Option plan
  • Good hardware and all the tools you need
  • Budget for personal development

Just be you

Forget your resume. We are looking for talent. Go-getters, creative team players who understand our mission and where we want to go. We know, you are more than your job history. So we would like to get to know the person behind the resume. We do this by testing for job-specific skills and we are curious about your personality, work pattern, and fit with our company.

Man, woman? What you look like? We don’t care. We want to get to know you. And learn what you can do and bring to the table. Period. You don’t expect us to make decisions solely based on our gut feeling either. We are tossing that bias overboard.

The process

  1. Apply here, CV optional.
  2. Intro call (30 mins) with Ewoud, our Head of Tech. Your opportunity to get to know more about the role.
  3. A non-biased assessment (35 mins) Testing your cognitive ability, personality profile and written communication skills.
  4. Technical interview (1.5h-2h) Share and discuss some code you recently worked on and are proud of.
  5. Culture call with non tech team members. Your chance to get to know the rest of the company.


Do you have a question about the role of Senior Back-end Developer?
Ewoud answers your questions by email via careers@proparents.nl

Apply now!

Ready to start talking? Apply now. Not completely sure yet? Apply anyways, we can figure out if there is a match together. We don’t bite 🙂

Note: If you are a recruiter or agency, please don’t contact us regarding this vacancy.


I’m not a parent. Or not yet. Or never. Can I still join? 

Yeah, we don’t discriminate. We want to be a diverse company. As long as you want to help improve the lives of working parents, we gladly welcome you to our team. 

How are you funded? 

We are seed funded by an experienced health tech fund and a group of informal impact investors. You’ll be working at a start-up with the ambition, knowledge, and resources to put the pedal to the metal.  

Do you only ever talk about babies? 

There is surprisingly little babytalk, considering what we are building. But sometimes we do. 

Are you profitable yet? 

Not yet, this year we are onboarding our first paying customers. We currently prioritize growing the team, the product and our client base. That’s why we are venture funded. 

How often do I need to travel? Where can I live? 

We meet about once a month in person. Often in Amsterdam, sometimes somewhere else in the Netherlands. If you don’t have to fly in, you probably live close enough. 

Why did you write this in English? 

Our mission is a lot bigger than the Netherlands. But our funding isn’t yet. At some point we will switch to become an international tech team. We leave no one behind, so we want to make sure you speak English from the get-go. 

Why is this site not bright pink? 

Because we are a serious tech and e-health company. Not a mommy blog. 

Tech Stack